Growvita Nutrition

If you have kids you must have faced difficulties in making your kid drink milk (unless he is a milk lover). Milk is a very important natural source for mammals. But the taste of milk can sometimes leave you feeling bored and more interested in reaching for something like fruit juice or coffee. So, what can be done? Here, GrowVita - one of the best protein shakes/health drink -has brought you a solution-A solution with complete pack of nutrition
● Vitamins B9 and B12 present in it provide the essential component to your body for proper growth of red blood cells.
● It helps in keeping the bones strong because it is high in calcium .
● It increases Haemoglobin in the body because it provides iron which is a need of the immune system .
● Vitamin E which is an anti – oxidant helps in protecting the cells of the human body. The perfect flow of oxygen throughout your body helps in getting rid of the toxins and waste products.
● GrowVita not only benefits the body from inside , but it also helps in keeping the skin fresh and healthy .
● It boosts your energy level and keeps you energetic throughout the day
● GrowVita is a great source of Vitamin A because of which it elevates the capacity of physical endurance and strengthens the immune system of the human body and also improves eyesight .
● Vitamin B1 present in it is helpful for the functioning of the heart .
● GrowVita, when taken with milk regularly, optimises your calcium intake. Calcium level is higher in children who take it with milk daily when compared to children who drink plain milk. It also helps to protect teeth by keeping them strong .
● Iron & Zinc helps in the production of red blood cells in the body and healing of wounds.