Are you looking for magic to lose weight? Well, no such magic exists. But, wait….No need to feel discouraged. With proper exercise, consuming protein shakes can do wonders. But consuming only protein shakes without necessary exercising can sometimes even lead to weight gain as you add some more calories in your regular diet.  

What are Protein shakes?

It is a powdered form of protein that is derived from various plants such as peas, rice, soybean, potatoes, eggs and milk. Protein shakes are the health drink powder with high content of proteins in it. These are available in liquid form and are easy to drink. Protein shakes are available in a variety of options with many benefits. 

When it comes to plant based protein shakes than - Casein protein powder, Whey protein powder, Rice protein powder, Soy protein powder and pea protein powder - are the most popular ones. 

Main things that you should keep in mind while choosing a protein shake - It should have high protein content; It should be low in calories; It should be low in Fats and Carbohydrates. 

Why Protein shake?

There are many reasons as to how protein shake helps with weight loss. Protein has a high thermic effect that helps your body burn comparatively high calories and metabolising protein. Other than this,  Protein shakes are low in calories and it helps you feel fuller for a longer time which reduces your cravings for unnecessary snacking. Other than protein shake - whole grains, green tea, fruits and vegetables are yet other intakes for weight loss. 

Talking about the time and quantity of protein shake to be consumed - When trying to lose weight, one can consume shake asd a breakfast or sometime in between snacks. As for the quantity of protein shake than that depends on your goals.More protein shake needs to be consumed in case of weight loss as  compared to when trying to gain weight. 

How to Choose the Best Protein Shake?

Ingredients: The main thing that you should check in a protein shake is its ingredients. As a good shake it must have soy, casein and whey protein.

Taste - There might be protein shakes that has very unpleasant taste that are hard to consume but are healthy. On the other hand, there might be shakes that are very tasty but are nutritionless. So, it is important to find the ones that are both healthy and tasty.

Price - Both Expensive and budget friendly shakes are available in the market to choose from.

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