Malt is not a new word, it can be traced ages back through civilisations to the Ancient Egyptians. Since then malt has been used in various products and recipes such as cakes , shakes, beer, snacks and cereal . Malt is a type of cereal grain derived from barley that has been sprouted in the water. The complete nutritional power of this grain is revealed by unlocking various enzymes which break the starches and transform them into sugars. The sprouted barley is then processed so it can be added in drinks and foods in dry or liquid form.

Malt has various health benefits for kids and adults and GrowVita which is a Malt based drink/ Malt drink mix provides all those benefits. One of the many health benefits that GrowVita health drink  provides is the Positive impact on Stomach. People eat junk food which tastes good but is really unhealthy for your gut and body and this is where you need a product that gives you the benefit of both taste and health.

Malt has been proved to have a positive impact on the digestive system which ultimately helps the body as a whole. Malt contains a high level of soluble fibre which increases the level of good bacteria and minimises the level of bad bacterias that aids the digestion in the body. Also, malt supports the growth of probiotic culture that aids good bacteria in the gut which helps improve the immune system, enhances nutrition absorption, and regulates the cholesterol level in the body. Probiotics can be found in various drinks and foods but one of the best ways to deliver additional probiotics to the body is Malt.

Alongwith making your digestive system healthy, malt provides many more health benefits such as:

Positive Impact on Mental Health - Malt has been proved to leave a positive impact on mental health. It is an ultimate mood booster which benefits mental health over time.

Positive Impact on Bone Health - Proper nutritional and healthy intake impacts bone health a lot. Malt contains the majority of the essential nutrients required for stronger bones such as Phosphorus, calcium, magnesium etc.

Positive Impact on Heart Health - Various studies have shown that malt regulates the cholesterol level which helps maintain and improve the heart health.

Overall, malt is good for your gut, for your bones, for your heart and for your body. So drink GrowVita because - “Healthy Gut, Healthy You!

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