GrowVita is one of the best health drinks that supports the immunity and overall health of growing children. Even the adults enjoy this chocolate and vanilla flavoured powder. It supports the power of and complements the nutritions of milk. GrowVita contains various nutrients such as B6, B12, C, D, Iron, zinc etc. that are proven to boost immunity. It also increases the bone area, helps with  more bone area, more muscles, better concentration and healthier blood. 

People usually get bored of drinking plain milk which is why we provide you with the powder which can make your plain drink tasty and healthy. So which flavour do you like? Vanilla or chocolate? 

For me it's Vanilla! So today we are going to make Vanilla Milkshake.

Vanilla Milkshakes are very easy to make. To begin with, take 1 cup whole milk, 1 teaspoon sugar,1 teaspoon Growvita vanilla flavour. Now add these ingredients into a blender and blend it till it gets smooth. Pour it in the glass and serve. But if it's a little plain for you then you can put some dry fruits, or strawberries, bananas as per your choice.

Want a thicker Milkshake? If you want to make your vanilla milkshake thicker than add ¼ cup of milk per 3-4 medium sized vanilla ice cream scoops along with GrowVita Vanilla powder  . Blend it till it gets mixed completely to get a thicker, richer, creamy,  taste. You can adjust the quantity of milk as per the thickness you want..

Want a Vegan Milkshake? If you are a Vegan, then you can use GrowVita Vanilla powder, Vegan ice cream and almond milk (that is a good substitute for milk). You can even use cashew milk or soy milk for the same. And just like any other milkshake, put the ingredients in a blender and blend it till it's mixed. Now it's to serve.

GrowVita Vanilla Milkshake/ health drink is one of the most popular and everyone’s favourite milkshakes. It is a soft, smooth and buttery concoction of vanilla ice cream, milk, vanilla extract/ GrowVita Vanilla powder topped up with whipped cream and chocolate nuts for irresistible looks and tempting taste. Try making the milk shakes with the recipes shared above.

Grow Vita is a highly nutritious health drink. Grow Vita contains natural sugars obtained from Malted Barley, Milk Proteins and added Vital Micronutrients. It also contains the highest quality Vanilla Extract to keep you fit and perk you up every day.

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