Today, people are becoming more and more health conscious. They take into consideration what they are drinking and eating. How many calories are being consumed by them on a daily basis.  But as compared to the older times, when people used to get enough nutrition from what they used to eat, it has become difficult to do the same now. It is because of the work-life imbalance and our daily lifestyle. 

But for the consumers who are looking for direct intake of nutrition in their busy schedules can go with health dietary supplements.

Shakes such as GrowVita are for oral consumption which you can find easily in any store in the form of powder, cans, bottles etc. Such nutritional drinks are highly enriched with vitamins, minerals and proteins. This one bottle of nutrition and health drink in India can fill you with necessary nutritions. It can be consumed by all men, women and children but the intake requirements of men, women and children are different from each other. These needs might also vary with the age, weight and many other factors. You can easily find different health drinks for different classifications.

Requirements of Nutrition:

For men

Energy - around 2500 kcal, fat - upto around 97g, saturated fat- upto around 31g, carbohydrates - around 333g, protein - around 55g, fibre- around 30g.

Various vitamins such as Riboflavin - 1.3mg/d, thiamin- 1.0mg/d, vitamin C - 40 mg/d. Various other vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12, folate, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium,iron etc. Are also required by men for smooth functioning of the body.

For women 

Folic acids and other B vitamins - around 400 mcg daily, iron - around 18 mg daily, Vitamin D - around 600 international units daily, vitamin E - Around 15 mg daily, other important nutrients including - magnesium, choline, probiotics, etc.

For Children

Calories - 1400 to 2200 per day, protein - 46 to 52 g daily

Carbohydrates - around 130 g daily, and other important nutrients such as fats, vitamins and minerals are also a necessity of a child's body.

You can find various healthy foods and health drinks to fulfil the requirement of these nutritions of your body.

You can also consume GrowVita malt drink which will give you the desired nutrients and will keep your mental and physical health in a good state.

GrowVita is a highly nutritious health drink which contains natural sugars and are available as malt milk drinks, malt based drinks.

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