Where people have become more health conscious, the love people used to have for chocolates are waning. Chocolates increase weight. This is what makes you afraid of consuming it, right?. Well, it might be true because excess of everything is bad.  But you know you shouldn’t make chocolate your guilty pleasure as it provides many health benefits when consumed in moderation. 

Health benefits of eating chocolates:

1- Stabilises the immune system: Chocolate have Flavonols in them which prevents the immune system form going into overdrive. They strengthen and regulate the immune response in the body.

2- Make you feel good: There is no fight on this. Chocolates are the best mood booster. Various studies have found that having around 42g of chocolate drink/chocolate drink for kids can make you feel content throughout the day.

3- Improves Brain functioning: Eating chocolate, especially dark chocolates have a positive impact on the proper functioning of your brain. It improves visual-spatial awareness, helps with sharper memory and better reaction time.

4- Good for skin: Some studies have found out that chocolate can help in protecting your skin from sun or UV rays to a great extent.

5- Stress reducer: This doesn’t need an explanation. It has been confirmed that chocolate acts as a stress reducer for many people as it helps in reduction of stress hormone cortisol.

6- Relieve inflammation: You can catch a lot of health diseases because of the inflammation in the body such as headaches, tendons and sore muscles. Chocolates might avoid such diseases as they have anti-inflammatory compounds in them.

7- Prevents Blood Clotting: Through various studies it has been confirmed that chocolate polyphenols help in increasing blood flow which ultimately decreases blood clotting. This is the reason why girls prefer chocolates during periods.

8- Helps In managing weight: If consumed in moderation, chocolates could possibly help you manage your weight and BMI.

As you can see, chocolates are not that bad. They can prove to be healthy when taken in limits. The healthiest options in chocolates can be Milk Chocolate - contains milk, sugar and cocoa; White Chocolate- contains milk, sugar and cocoa butter; Dark Chocolate - contains pure cocoa making it comparatively bitter in taste. So no need to force down your urge to eat chocolate.

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