You all must have experienced that not everyone is a milk lover and especially plain milk lover. So for those kids GrowVita - Best health drink for child growth, Best protein powder for kids, Protein shake, Health drink in India for children - has GrowVita powder in both chocolate and Vanilla flavour. Which team are you? Chocolate powder or Vanilla powder. Well for me I am team Chocolate. But I like Vanilla too once in a while. Both flavours have their own benefits and charm. So there's no fight on which is better. It is totally about your own preference.

GrowVita Cocoa Powder

Chocolate powder gives children a sense of satisfaction and happiness. It is due to phenylethylamine present in cocoa powder that gives the feeling of well being, joy and energy. In ancient times, it was even considered as a Food of Gods. GrowVita Cocoa powder is not only tasty but is also healthy.

Health Benefits of Cocoa Powder:

Carbohydrates present in cocoa increase amino acids in the body which help in repair and growth of tissues.

Brain responses have already been proved to be better due to the presence of flavonoid.

Moderate consumption of it is considered as an energy booster and it also releases positive and happy hormones in the body.

Iron, zinc and selenium present in cocoa powder helps in proper functioning of body.

Cocoa powder is not only for milk but it can be used in various other recipes.

Uses of Cocoa Powder:

Used as a flavouring agent in biscuits, ice creams, cakes and various other dairy drinks.

Used as coating for frozen desserts, confectionery etc.

Used by beverage industries in various preparations such as chocolate milk.

GrowVita Vanilla Powder

It is a powder made from dried , ground and processed vanilla beans. Vanilla has a rich, soothing and savoury smell and calming aroma which instantly attracts you towards it.

Health benefits of Vanilla Powder:

It is rich in Vanillin which has antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties in it

It helps in reducing added sugar intake

It soothes anxiety, improves mood and induces a sense of calmness

Digestive health has also been believed to get better with Vanilla intake

Uses of Vanilla Powder:

Used in milkshakes and various other beverages.

Used in the icing of cakes, cookies and other bakery products.

Used in Biscuit and confectionery industry.

So whichever flavour you like, GrowVita will provide you the same with the best quality to suit your taste. Contact GrowVita to get what suits your taste.

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