GrowVita is one of the most popular health drinks in India which is available in vanilla and chocolate flavour. Whether it's children or adults, everyone loves to start their day with a cup of milk (hot or cold) with GrowVita. The reasons behind why GrowVita is being loved by many are:

1- Focuses on Hygiene, Nutrition and Wellness:

GrowVita focuses on providing drinks that are good for your health along with maintaining all the health standards and hygiene measures. 

There is no compromise at all when it comes to the health of consumers. It is one of the best Malt drink mix, Malt based drink, Nutrition and health drink in India for kids. It provides carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins ( vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and the B vitamins - thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, B6, B12, and folate) and dietary fibre to the body which makes GrowVita a Powerpack of Nutrition.

2- Studying the Consumer preference:

Studying the consumer preferences is a must as it is a valuable tool to understand what the consumer actually wants and how they will react about the product and the changes therein.

GrowVita did the R&D and since chocolate and Vanilla flavour is the most favourite among people so GrowVita was bound to make the flavours which perfectly blends with milk.

3- Market Segmentation:

GrowVita studies and understands the demographics of its customers. GrowVita is mostly consumed by children but since the purchasing power ultimately is in the hands of their parents due to which the focus is both on children and their parents.

4. Expanding product portfolio:

To maintain the interest of the customer, GrowVita continuously researches the changes that can be made to provide benefits in different products for different age groups.

The company has launched GrowVita powder in two flavours - chocolate and vanilla as per the taste of majority of customers and are still in process to bring something new and beneficial.

5. GrwoVita gives you something “Extra”

Today the concept of health and energy is at its heights which it has never been before. Now almost all the major food & drinks companies are looking for  ‘nutritional’ status for their fare. So the company always tries to give you something extra everytime we will step in the market with something new.

GrowVita is a highly nutritious health drink which contains natural sugars obtained from Malted Barley, Milk Proteins and added Vital Micronutrients. It also contains the highest quality Cocoa to keep you fit and perk you up every day.