Hey Amigos

We are back again with yet some more amazing recipes for you to enjoy with your healthy malt. Want to try making it with us?

Today we are going to make a BlackBerry Malt Cocktail, Thick Peach Malt Drink and Malt Mocha

BlackBerry Malt Cocktail


5-6 BlackBerry 

¾ ounce of malt syrup

¾ ounce of Irish whiskey 

Lemon peel and freshly squeezed lime juice

How to make:

Step 1- In the first step, gather all the ingredients and then mix blackberries and malt syrup in a cocktail shaker.

Step 2- Then add Irish whiskey and lime juice in it with some ice cubes.

Step 3- Shake it well to mix it properly.

Step 4- Put it in a glass and top it with sparkling water 

Step 5- Decorate it with lemon peel and BlackBerry. Voila! Time to enjoy.

Thick Peach Malt Drink


1 Peeled peach

Chilled malt syrup

Few mint leaves

Few slices of peach for garnishing

How to make:

Step 1- In the first step, gather all the ingredients to make a simple yet amazing malt drink/malt drink mix/ malt based drinks.

Step 2- Now mash the peeled peach in a bowl.

Step 3- Take a glass and put the slices of peach, peach mash and the mint leaves in it.

Step 4- Put the chilled malt in the glass and then add some ice.

And here we are ready to drink the refreshing peach malt drink.

Malt Mocha


1½ cup of milk

? cup of malted milk powder

3 tbsp of cocoa powder

1 ½ of powdered espresso 

1½ scoop of vanilla ice cream

How to make:

Step 1 - In the first step, gather all these ingredients.

Step 2- Then in a mixer, add milk, malted milk powder, espresso powder and cocoa powder. Blend it until it gets mixed properly .

Step 3- Top it with malt powder and whipped cream (optional) and serve it.

This is not where the list of recipes with malt ends. You can make many more recipes with the help of malt such as warm vanilla malt recipe, Yogurt malt drink, chocolate malt drinks, sweet rice malt drink, malta fizz, ragi malt recipe, malted milkshake etc.

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