Chocolate milk... we all have memories of chocolate milk that our parents gave us when we were growing up, right?. 

Ofcourse, just like us, kids now-a-days also don’t like milk. It’s important we do our job best to encourage kids to try and eat food from a variety of foods from across the food groups, including vegetables, meats, grains and dairy.

However, if you were keen to find a healthier chocolate smoothie alternative for your kids – one that is high in calcium, free from artificial preservatives and colours and provides kids with a nutritious milk drink – then we have the perfect solution for you! - It’s GrowVita…...

Chocolate milk is typically milk flavored with cocoa and sugar. Chocolate milk is very beneficial, believe it or not.These protein shakes are often promoted as a great way to recover from a heavy workout and are a good alternative to regular cow’s milk when looking for calcium and vitamin D intake.

However, some people do wonder whether they should consume it or not as it contains a bit high sugar content. But even if it does, the sugary content doesn’t overshadow its nutritional value.These contain zinc, selenium, iodine, magnesium, and vitamins A, B1, B6, B12 which are beneficial for the body.

Milk is considered a complete protein, i.e. it provides all nine essential amino acids your body needs. So, combining it with chocolate drinks for kids provides you with a healthy and tasty drink.


Beneficial to bone health

Chocolate milk is rich in calcium; the main mineral present in your bones. Dairy is the biggest source of dietary calcium providing around 72% of the average person’s daily calcium intake. The remainder intake of calcium is from vegetables, grains, legumes, fruit, meat, poultry, fish, and eggs Not only calcium milk is also rich in protein and phosphorus, as well as often fortified with vitamin D; all of which are additional nutrients important for building and maintaining strong bones and teeth .

Collagen and Joints

We all know that Collagen is beneficial for the skin. Some people even take it as a daily supplement. But what you might not know is that Collagen is a primary component in joint cartilage that is important to help us move freely.

 Protein and Muscles

How many of you enjoy your gym sessions and love the joy of achieving your goal of a fitter body? Well, for that you’ll need Protein and Magnesium to support your muscles’ growth and recovery.

Help you recover from workouts

These protein shakes help your muscles recover after a grueling workout. That’s because beverages rich in carbs and protein are particularly effective at replenishing the sugars, fluids, and electrolytes lost during exercise. This may explain why chocolate milk is generally promoted as a recovery drink. 

 GrowVita is a Health drink in India for children and adults both that contains important nutrients to support strong bones such as Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Zinc. That’s what you’ll definitely need to keep yourself moving, whatever your age may be.

Now you’ve learnt about the goodness of GrowVita, so what are you waiting for! Grab one and try it yourself

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