Summer is back and So we are! With an easy to make chilled beverage to chill your summer. To refresh ourselves in this hot summer we go for various summer drinks like Aam Panna, Jaljeera, Buttermilk, coconut water, sugarcane juice, lemonade etc. But where is Milk?

To survive in the scorching heat, we usually forget to consume Milk as people usually like to consume hot plain milk. So we are here with Growvita Powder to make a chilled Milkshake which will Beat the Heat for you.

Ingredients for GrowVita Milkshake/Protein shake

200g chocolate ice cream

200ml whole milk

2 tbsp of Chocolate GrowVita

3-4 ice cubes


To prepare this GrowVita milkshake recipe/chocolate drink for kids, add milk and ice cream in a blender jar. Blend it at a high speed. After the froth forms on the top, open the blender jar and add sugar, GrowVita and some ice cubes in it. Blend it again at high speed and make sure the ice cubes get crushed. Then top the milkshake with whipped cream which will be cherry on the cake for the milkshake.

Well, there is not only one recipe that you can make with GrowVita. Let’s also try GrowVita Banana Smoothie. It is both filling and tasty which makes it perfect for a healthy breakfast. When it comes to banana smoothies, people usually wonder if we can intake this on a daily basis or not. Well of course, you can consume it on a daily basis provided you are not looking for weight loss. If so, then we will refer you to the previous recipe. If weight gain is your purpose then you can use high fat milk and one or two bananas as per your requirement. 

Ingredients of GrowVita Banana Smoothie

1-2 banana

1 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp GrowVita

250-200 ml milk

3-4 ice cubes


To prepare a chilled banana Smoothie, add milk, sugar, GrowVita and Banana in a blender. Then blend it at a top speed. Sprinkle some nuts as per your preference and  Voila! Here is your Banana GrowVita smoothie for a refreshing and fulfilling feel.

Take care and refresh your health by taking the right nutrition. If you feel that some essential nutrients are missing in your diet, have a look at GrowVita - A nutritional health drink that you can trust.

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